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Approval Guidelines

When are hard copy signatures or electronic signatures (i.e. FIS user-id on a transaction) required from the person responsible for the funding?

FIS transactions are processed through the system by people with the required authority profile. However, there is a beginning to every process that should have some approval from the person with the responsibility for the funding, or an original entry into FIS by that person. An example is a purchase funded by a research grant. The principal investigator (PI) should normally start the process with something in writing or via e-mail before the business officer enters a purchase requisition or a purchase order. From then on, the chain of transactions (purchase order issuance, goods receipt, invoice receipt, and ultimate payment) are electronic entries on the system.

An electronic signature is acceptable where only one approving signature is required. This means that in the absence of a hand-written signature, the user ID of the person who posted the transaction in the system is the approving signature. Where two signatures are required (e.g. personal expense reimbursements require the claimant’s hand-written signature and the “one up” approval with supporting receipts) the capture of the employee’s signature on a paper form is mandatory, while the “one-up” approval can be either hand-written or electronic.

Last revision June 2007