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AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card Payment Processing thru FIS

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Is it against policy for a department to make a payment directly to AMEX, on behalf of an employee, who has used their Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card?

No, it is not against policy. However, since the employee is liable for all charges to their AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card, including late payment charges, the preferred payment method is for the employee to pay AMEX Bank of Canada directly and then follow the expense reimbursement policies and procedures listed in the Guide to Financial Management (GTFM).

If the department chooses to process the AMEX payment on behalf of the employee and, for any reason, the payment does not reach AMEX in time (i.e. problems with the cheque run or campus mail, etc.), payment of any resulting late payment penalties is STILL the responsibility of the employee (i.e. cardholder). The University department will NOT reimburse for these costs.

For more GTFM policy information regarding the Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card click here. 

Can a payment be processed for the AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card without the employee first completing the expense reimbursement form and having it properly authorized by the appropriate approver?

No, according to the Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card policy in the GTFM, an expense reimbursement form should be completed by the employee and submitted for approval once the costs of travel have been incurred or the travel has been completed, whichever comes first. Original receipts must be included and attached to the AMEX statement.

Which vendor number should be used to process an AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card payment thru FIS?

Vendor number 103050 should be used to process an AMEX Bank of Canada payment thru FIS, for company code UofT, if the remittance address is the following:

PO Box 2000
West Hill, ON.  M1E 5H4

If, however, the AMEX statement references a different remittance address, ensure that the payment is for a U of T Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card and not for the employee’s personal AMEX (non-U of T) card, as payment of personal credit cards is against University policy.  If the statement is for a U of T Corporate AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card, use the above mentioned vendor number and the follow the procedure for using an Alternate Payee Address. Documentation is available here.

Can I use a one-time-only (OTO) vendor number to process an AMEX payment?

No, an OTO vendor number should only be used to pay vendors who have no master data set up in the vendor database, and for whom it has been determined no new vendor master record need be created (i.e. it is anticipated that the vendor will not be used more than once during the fiscal year).

What are the payment terms for the AMEX Travel and Hospitality Card?

Vendor number 103050 AMEX Bank of Canada payment terms are YT00 (due immediately). Therefore, the payment will be processed in the next available cheque run. Go to “Cheque Production” FAQs for more information.

What information should be entered in the reference field of the FIS vendor invoice for the payment to be applied correctly by AMEX?

For payment to be processed correctly by AMEX, the “reference” field of the FIS vendor invoice should be populated with the 15 digit AMEX account number only. The reference field is the ONLY field that prints on the cheque stub. If that field is not appropriately populated, AMEX will not know where to apply the payment. The AMEX account number is located on the AMEX statement, and the whole number (all 15 digits) should be entered in the reference field (i.e. not just the last 5 digits).