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FIS Simulations

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SAP Navigation

SAP Basic Navigation – Part 1


  • Logging into and out of  SAP
  • Standard toolbar buttons
  • How to select a transaction
  • How to stop transaction
  • How to create a session

SAP Basic Navigation – Part 2


  • Changing system settings
    • Decimal notation
    • Date format
    • Default printer setup
  • Status bar
  • Locating transaction codes (TCodes)

FIS Data Entry Tips – Part 1


  • Learn to save time and reduce keystrokes by using the following functions:
    • History
    • Wildcard
    • Using the “+” sign to copy line item text
FIS Data Entry Tips – Part 2
  • Using the Post with Reference function to process
    • (1) Internal Revenues/Expense Recoveries
    • (2) Invoices
Creating Favorites in SAP
  • Create favorites folders to organize FIS Transactions and web URLS.


Shortcuts & Data Entry Tips


FIS Data Entry Tips – Part 2
  • Using the Post with Reference function to process
    • (1) Internal Revenues/Expense Recoveries
    • (2) Invoices


Using the Account Assignment Template to Reduce Keystrokes in FIS
  • How to save time and reduce keystrokes when processing Invoices and Journal Entries by using Account Assignment templates


How to hold, park and post parked documents


How to Attach and Retrieve Documents from FIS Transactions


Locating Data & Payment Status



How to locate your Parent Funds Center and Funds Center Hierarchy


How to locate your Cost Center Group Hierarchy

Determining the status of a cheque, foreign draft or electronic funds transfer (EFT)


How to check if an invoice has been processed if the document number is not known
How to Locate the FI Document Numbers for PO Goods Receipts and Invoice Receipts

Reporting Tips


How to Create Custom Line Item Reports


  • executing line item reports
  • change layouts (i.e., moving/hiding columns)
  • subtotaling columns
  • expanding/collapsing subtotals
  • adjusting columns

How to submit month-end reports in the background


How to create and retrieve report selection screen variants


How to use the Dynamic Selections function in FIS Reports


Purchase Order Related



How to print an additional copy of a purchase order (PO)