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What is RPT?

RPT is a cloned version of AMS used for running reports. RPT does not enable you to post and includes posted transactions up until the end of the previous day.


  • Great place to run reports and view information
  • Produces output quicker than AMS, and has no negative impact on production users
  • Run reports on historical data when current information not required
  • Available when AMS system is closed for processing


  • Data from previous day is copied to RPT from AMS every morning, therefore entries posted today will not appear in reports run in RPT today

How do I locate RPT on my computer?

Check your desktop for the RPT shortcut icon OR select the program via Start Menu > All Programs> Admin System> RPT. If you cannot locate either, see the AMS link below for instructions.

Can I login to both RPT and AMS at the same time?


How can I tell if I am in RPT or AMS?

Look for the dialogue box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

If you only seeĀ , press the arrow and the dialogue box will open to reveal the system type and session.

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