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Accounts Payable Processing Part 1 -Pre-Class Survey

Accounts Payable Part 1 - FIS Pre-Class Training Survey

This quick survey is intended to help the trainer(s) better understand your prior knowledge/experience.

    Please check the options corresponding to the courses you have taken.
    In some of our courses, we may record the audio of the trainer speaking along with the course slides as they progress. Any audio of learners (i.e., questions, contributions) will be removed. These recordings will only be distributed to those who attended the class, are intended to provide participants with a resource they can go back to later to review after class.
  • Please state any topics that are of particular importance to your role. In addition, if you require any accommodations due to disability, please indicate it here and we will work with you to make any arrangements.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.