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Accounts Receivable and Cashiers

Administrative Procedure – Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements

At its meeting on February 10, 1997, the Business Board rescinded the policy on cash receipts and disbursements and replaced it with the following administrative procedure.

  1. Cash Receipts – All cash receipts, without exclusion, should be deposited the sooner of weekly or when cash receipts total $500, into a University of Toronto bank account in the name of the Governing Council of the University of Toronto, authorized under the Banking Resolution.
  2. Cash Disbursements – All cash disbursements by, or on behalf of the University of Toronto, will be made by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer or appropriate designate. The Chief Financial Officer may approve the use of three alternative disbursement methods by approved application as follows:
    1. Imprest petty cash accounts – Justifiable petty cash accounts may be arranged to facilitate the payment of cash expenditures not greater than $100.
    2. Imprest expenditure bank accounts – Justifiable imprest bank accounts may be arranged to facilitate the payment of minor expenditures not greater than $500.
    3. Purchasing Cards – Purchasing Cards may be arranged for approved University employees to facilitate the payment of eligible expenditures not greater than $10,000.

Contacts – Accounts Receivable and Cashier

Below please find a list of contacts in Accounts Receivable and Cashier’s Office. The email addresses can be found by clicking on the staff member’s name.

Accounts Receivable Supervisor Kumar Sukumaran 416-978-6923
Accounts Receivable Administrator Nataliya Iordakiyeva 416-978-2073
Cashier Debbie Carter 416-978-2144