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Payment Inquiries

Welcome to the Accounts Payable section of the Financial Services Department. We work with the University of Toronto business community to provide the following services:

  • Coordinate the centralized printing and distribution of payments to vendors (commercial vendors, employees, students, etc.) including cheques and bank drafts,
  • Authorize, review and transmit direct deposits for expense reimbursements and student refunds; monitor any rejected transactions for direct deposits, and charge back these rejected transactions to the department.
  • Receive departmental requests for foreign vendor payments by wire transfer, work with the bank to send these wires, and post the related entries to departmental accounts once payments have been made,
  • Investigate and correct purchasing card rejected transactions
  • Monitor payments to ensure they have been made in accordance with University policy
  • Disseminate and clarify policies and procedures to the University community as they relate to accounts payable and payments.

We would like this page to be a resource for any accounts payable related question you may have. To this end, we have quick links (on the right side of the page) to various forms you frequently require, as well as direct links to other parts of the Financial Services Department web site listed below.

Guide to Financial Management (GTFM)

The following are the specific sections in the GTFM that you should be familiar with when involved in Accounts Payable activities and the University of Toronto. This section covers the policies surrounding purchasing, expenditures and payments at the University of Toronto.

Financial Management

Financial Information System

Restricted Funds

Purchasing & Payments to Vendors

Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses


The following are forms that are frequently required:

  • Expense Report / Accountable Advance Settlement
    • Form – Excel  ;  PDF
    • Instructions for Completion – PDF
  • Accountable Advance Request form – Excel ; PDF
  • Cheque Request – ExcelPDF
  • Open / Increase Petty Cash
    • Form – Excel  ;  PDF
    • Instructions for Completion – PDF
  • Replenish / Decrease / Close Petty Cash / Imprest
    • Form –ExcelPDF
    • Instructions for Completion – PDF

Click here for other forms for processing in FIS

Courses and Workshops

Our FAST team offers courses and workshops which help business officers and financial administrators with their day-to-day activities. We encourage you to check out the courses which are available. The standard curriculum is offered frequently for new staff, and new workshops courses are added regularly as required. There are also course materials that are available for viewing/download.


We have accumulated the answers to frequently asked questions on this site. Please refer to our FAQ page for answers to many of your questions. If your question is related to Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit (ERDD), we have an ERDD FAQ page specifically for these questions. If you have any suggestions for additional FAQ’s, please contact you FAST Team Representative.

FIS Glossary

See the FIS Glossary for a glossary of terms used frequently when dealing with the Financial Information System.

Links to other topics of interest and accounts payable contact information

Alternate Payee
Generally, the alternate payee functionality makes the main vendor account easier and more flexible to use and reduces the reliance on the OTA (One-Time-Only-Account) vendor accounts.


Further questions?

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.