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Purchasing and Payments to Vendors

This section provides information on policies and regulations relating to purchasing and payments to vendors (*) and provides links to forms and procedures to assist staff in purchasing, receiving and making payments to vendors.

The following sections specifically deal with purchasing and authorizing payments:

Procurement: Policy and Guidelines


Purchasing Card

Internal (U of T) Purchases **


Methods of Payment

The following sections cover the various methods available for purchasing from vendors:

Purchase Order Invoices

Certified Invoices

Payments Without Invoices Processed Through FIS

Petty Cash

Imprest Expenditure Bank Account


Types of Payment

The following sections cover specific types of payments that are handled in a different way than most other payments, and require more detailed explanation / clarification:

Payments Associated with Contractual Agreements

Payments to Hospitals or Other Institutions to Recover Costs


Courier, Brokerage and Freight Payments

Foreign Payments

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

* for the purposes of this guide, a vendor is a business entity external to the University from which goods and services are purchased and payments are made. Employees, students and visitors are not considered vendors for the purposes of this guide, even though these individuals are required to be set up as vendorsin FIS for reimbursement of expenses. For information on reimbursement of expenses, please refer to the section Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses

** Even though these purchases are not from a vendor external to the University, we have provided a link to the section on internal revenues and internal expense recoveries to give a full picture of purchasing options available.

Last revision April 2006