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Financial Information System (FIS)

  • Overview of the Administrative Management Systems (AMS)
    This section provides information on hardware, access and processing for AMS, the AMS modular components, an overview of the component systems that make up AMS, the functions of each of the component systems, and how the AMS components are reflected in the SAP system.
  • Introduction to FIS
    This section provides an introduction into FIS and is a prerequisite to the FIS: Overview Course. The section also provides an overview of the Financial Accounting (FI) module, the Funds Management (FM) module, and the Controlling (CO) module. In addition, the section provides illustrations of how each of these components is related to each other, how they compare to each other, and how they work together.
  • Introduction to SAP Screens
    This section provides an introduction to the login screen for the SAP system, the initial screen once the user has logged in, and frequently used icons.
  • Additional Training in FIS
    This section provides additional training opportunities which provide more in-depth coverage of FIS.
  • Websites Providing Additional Information
    This section provides links to websites which provide additional FIS information. These sites include the FSD, FAST, AMS and Procurement Services.