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Updates and Changes to the Guide to Financial Management

This page summarizes substantive changes made to financial policy in the Guide to Financial Management since May 1, 2018, and the date the change was effective . The most recent updates/changes are at the top.


March 15, 2019 [Ref. 2019-1]:

Procurement: Policy and Guidelines

The procurement policies and guidelines in the Guide to Financial Management have been updated to better align with external regulatory obligations, including new trade agreement requirements, and with internal guidelines located on the Procurement Services website.


May 1, 2018 [Ref. 2018-1]:

Expense Report/Accountable Advance Settlement form has been updated to incorporate the following:

  • Added a declaration by the authorized approver that they certify that the expenses claimed were reasonable and required for University business and (if applicable) are relevant to the research being funded.
  • Updated the declaration by the claimant to include that they are in compliance with all sponsor terms and conditions (if applicable), and that expenses have not been claimed through other sources.
  • The field “Location and Description” is now “Purpose and relevance to University business” to prompt the claimant / business officer to provide this critical information.
  • Provided links on the form to the Expense Reimbursement Checklist – Template, and to the Guide to Financial Management – Policies and Guidelines for Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses.
  • On the Instructions for Completion, for the field Personnel Number, added “if the claimant is not an employee, state the business purpose (e.g. state the affiliation of the claimant to the PI’s research project).

The Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit (ERDD) online screens and the formatted/PDF print of claims now incorporate the above changes.


Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses – Policies and Guidelines:

  • Information with respect to when hand-written signatures or electronic approvals are permitted/required from the person responsible for the funding as been moved from the “Approval Guidelines” page [this page was removed] into the “Signatures (Hand-written) or Electronic Approval” section of the policy.
  • Clarify that non-employee claimants can attach an email approval or signature from digital third-party software if providing the original signature is not possible/feasible into the Signatures (Hand-written) or Electronic Approval section.
  • Clarify that any travel expenses can be reimbursed as soon as the employee pays them (not only conference fees and airfare). See theĀ Personal Credit Card section for updated wording.
  • Add wording to emphasize that it’s the claimant’s responsibility to provide the approver with all necessary documentation enabling the approver to assess an expense reimbursement claim for reasonability, legitimacy and that claims are for actual out-of-pocket expenses. See section on Approvals and Responsibilities.
  • Clarify the receipt requirements for accommodation, and provide a few examples. See the section on Accommodation.