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Course 5: A/P and G/L Account Postings – Troubleshooting

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Pre-class Material

In-class Material

Exercise 1
Processing a Journal Entry
Reference Guide 1 – Document Display
Reference Guide 2 – Create Journal Entry
Simulation 2 – Create Journal Entry
Exercise 2
Document Change
Reference GuideĀ 
Exercise 3
  • Part 1 – Document Reverse
  • Part 2 – Post Internal Revenues/Internal Expense Recoveries
Reference Guide 1 – Document Reverse
Reference Guide 2 – Internal Revenues/Internal Expense Recoveries
Simulation 1
Simulation 2
Exercise 4
Reverse Internal Revenue/Internal Expense Recovery
Reference Guide

Post-class Material/Resources

  • Simulation: How to Determine the Status of a Cheque, Foreign Draft or Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Simulation: How to Check if an Invoice has been Processing if the Document Number is Not Known


  • Simulation: Reversing A/P & G/L Transactions