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Cheque Production

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When are CAD and USD cheques produced for employees (expense reimbursements)?

CAD and USD cheques for employees relating to expense reimbursements are produced once per week on Wednesdays.  Where feasible, the utilization of the ERDD process is encouraged. For ERDD information, refer to the FAQ’s for ERDD.

When are CAD and USD cheques produced for commercial (non-employee) vendors?

CAD and USD cheques for commercial (non-employee) vendors are produced once per week, on Wednesdays.

When are Foreign Drafts produced?

Foreign Drafts are produced once per week on Wednesdays.  If you have any questions, please contact .

When are Accountable Advance cheques produced?

Accountable Advance cheques are produced once per week, on Wednesdays.

Has a cheque been issued?

  • Menu Path: Accounting >> Financial Accounting >> Accounts Payable >> Document >> Display
  • Double click on the vendor line item (line item 1).
  • Click on Environment >> Check Information
  • If check information is grayed out (not available), a cheque has not been issued yet.
  • If there is a cheque number and payment date, a cheque has been issued.
  • If there is a cheque encashment date, the cheque has been cashed by the vendor.

Why wasn't the cheque produced?

There are several situations or processing errors that will delay the cheque production or result in a chequeNOT being produced.

List of the common problems and how to resolve:

1.  The payment method was not selected for an OTA Expense Reimbursement Vendor.

  • How to correct: Document Change and populate the “Pmt Method” field.

2.  An OTA Trade Payable/Departmental Expense Reimbursement Vendor/Alternate Payee function was used and the “Street” field for the address was not populated. 

3.  Invoice date entered incorrectly (e.g. the current date or a date too far in the future was used instead of the invoice date).

4.  An OTA Trade Payable Vendor (e.g. 990001) was used instead of the OTA Departmental Expense Reimbursement Vendor, thus delaying the cheque production. Payment terms for OTA Trade Payable Vendors are 35 days compared to immediate payment for OTA Expense Reimbursement Vendors.

5.  The transaction was processed using an incorrect Vendor Group, e.g. Canadian vendor used with a USD currency.

6.  There is a debit balance on the vendor account for more than the total amount owed to the vendor.


If you have any questions regarding cheque production issues, please contact your FAST Team representative

How do I request a stop payment on a cheque?

To request a stop payment on a cheque or draft, please complete the Cheque/Draft Re-issue or Cancel Request Form.  Follow the instructions on the form.

Where the cheque is in possession by the University, complete and scan the form including the cheque and email to to action immediately.  There will be no change in our current timelines for cheques in University possession.  Once scanned and for control purposes, forward the original form and original cheque by campus mail to:

Accounts Payable, Financial Services Department, 215 Huron Street, 2nd Floor

Where the University is not in possession of the cheque, please complete the form, scan and email the request to to be processed.  Please anticipate up to a 3 day delay in cancelling these cheques that are not in University possession.

If there are ‘NO CHANGES – Re-issued’ to the Cheque/Draft it will be reissued on the next payment run.

If the payment is ‘NOT Re-issued’ or ‘CHANGES REQUIRED – Re-issued’, cheque documents will be blocked by Accounts Payable and departments notified they can action their original document.  Drafts will be refunded to the department when funds are returned to the University.

The Department then has to:

  1. For ‘NOT Re-issued’ Cheques:
    1. A/P Invoices: Reverse the document
    2. Logistics Invoice: Cancel Invoice Receipt
  2. For ‘CHANGES REQUIRED – Re-issued’: Document Change and populate Address and Pmt Method fields then Remove Payment Block.