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S4 HANA Business Partner – Change & Create Accounts Payable Vendor Accounts

After the S/4HANA Migration, departments who typically create/maintain customer and vendor accounts will now create a new account called the Business Partner (BP).

Impacted Users: Central departments who create and maintain Customer or Vendor accounts (e.g., Procurement Services, FSD, Telecommunications).

IMPORTANT:  The Business Partner will NOT impact how user process transactions or run reports in FIS, since it will NOT appear or be required in any FIS transaction screens (e.g., FB60 – Invoice, FB50 – G/L Account Postings). It is only relevant for particular central departments who create/maintain them. Divisional staff who process in FIS will continue to use the same accounts (e.g., vendor/customer accounts) as they did prior the S/4HANA Migration.

In S4 HANA, the transactions below will redirect to the central BP transactions:

  • Edit/Change Vendor: XK02/FK02 – Redirects to S4 HANA ‘BP’ Transaction Code
  • Create Vendor: XK01/FK01 – Replaced with new Custom ZBPV Transaction
  • Display Vendor: XK03/FK03 – Redirects to S4 HANA ‘BP’ Transaction Code. – See Display Vendor documentation for additional details.

The following central BP transaction codes will be used:

  • Change Vendor (Business Partner): BP– Maintain Business Partner
  • Create Vendor (Business Partner): ZBPV– Create Vendor Business Partner (Custom created entry screen)

Characteristics/Notes about BP transaction screens:

  • All the Vendor business partners will have a prefix of 7000* followed by the existing Vendor account number, so Vendor 513870 in ECC will have a corresponding BP # 7000513870.
  • As of now, in the BP transaction screen there are many tabs and fields displayed that may not be used going forward. The project team will be working towards deactivating unnecessary tabs and fields (where possible) during the next phases of testing.

This article focuses on how these central users can create Business Partners in the S/4HANA system.

To Search and Change Vendor Accounts (Business Partner): T-Code FK02/XK02- Change vendor.  (Will be redirected to BP transaction for making any changes to the vendor master data).

***Note that all the existing search tabs will be available in S4 HANA as well.

Business Partner Screens – ECC Vendor Master Record to S/4HANA mapping.

NOTE: ‘Individual Entries’ field in ECC has been renamed to ‘Payee in Document’ in S/4 HANA Business Partner.


NOTE: Personnel number for non-YERD vendors will be moved to the Search Term 2 filed. (To be confirmed)

BP – Vendor Block data screens

Create Business Partner with Reference Vendor – Using custom T-Code  ZBPV

Step 2 – Update the Information (example – BP name and address) as required and press the “Verify data” button.

Step 3- Press “Create Vendor” button.

Step 4 –Switch to “UT FI Vendor” BP role to see all data and tabs.

Step 5 – Review data in BP transaction and update if required (see display BP steps above for section/tab details).  Save once all the changes have been made.

Last Updated:  September 14, 2022