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Analysis of your Funds Center account taking too much time? Wish you had a quick way to compare your actual spend to your budget for specific expense categories?

The enhancements made to the Funding: FC or Fund report (ZFM1) for Fund Center reporting will help you with those issues. These changes enable improved budget to actual variance analysis and more meaningful Commitment Item (CI) reporting for Funds Centers (i.e. no change to FC/Fund reporting).


  • Funding: Funds Center or Fund Report (ZFM1), when run for a Funds Center (i.e. no FUND) will generate a report output similar to the report output for the FUNDS CENTER REPORT (ZFTR111) and contains all of the additional functionality (i.e. drill down on budget columns)
  • Funds Centers with “Original Budget” funding (i.e. not PI Funds Centers) will now have the ‘version 0’ budget (Current Budget) loaded on the same detailed Commitment Item (CI) as the ‘version 1’ budget (Original Budget)
    • Facilitates detailed budget to actual variance analysis, and has no impact on the Funds Availability Checking rules
  • New CIs have been created to facilitate better budget to actual variance analysis (see new “TRAVEL” commitment items).

Learn more about these enhancements and others in our training documentation below.

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