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Cancelling a PO: What are the options?

Finalizing and cancelling a purchase order releases the commitment when there are no further deliveries or invoices expected for a specific line item.  In most cases this is sufficient and no further action is required.

However, it may still be possible to process goods receipts and invoice receipts against the line items since quantity may remain and there may be sufficient funds available in the FM accounts referenced in the purchase order.   To ensure there is no further activity, a line item can be selected and the delete button can be used instead.  This process releases the commitment and marks the line item as deleted which prevents any further postings.

In the SAP Menu: Logistics >> Materials Management >> Purchasing >> Purchase Order >> ME22N – Change OR ME23N – Display

NOTE:  An additional step is required in the event that the purchase order was created from a purchase requisition.  When a purchase order line item is deleted the commitment reverts back to the purchase requisition therefore, it is also necessary to change the purchase requisition by marking the line item ‘Closed’ in the Quantities/Dates tab in the line item details section.

Note: If quantity ordered equals quantity received, then no action is required.

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Last Updated:  October 4, 2022