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Confirming that Personal Report Variants and Layouts have been Migrated

As a result of this phase of the S/4 HANA Migration, it is possible that some personal/user-friendly FIS report layouts and variants may be lost. After November 1st, FIS users should verify that all personal report variants and layouts have been migrated over into the upgraded version of AMS.

Note:  Rigorous testing have been performed to confirm that all Global variants and layouts have been migrated over. This article is focused on personal/user-specific layouts and variants.

Impacted Users: All Administrative staff with FIS reporting access.

Action Required: Execute any FIS reports with personal variants and layouts in AMS and compare the same reports in RPT to confirm that personal variants and layouts have been migrated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your FAST Team representative or email .


  1. Execute the report(s) in the RPT Cloud
  2. Execute the same report(s) in AMS-Cloud instance after November 3rd.
  3. Compare the personal/user-specific Selection Screen Variants and Report Layouts. Use the resources in the Learn More section to help locate your selection screen variants and report layouts.
  4. If any variants/layouts are missing, recreate them in AMS-Cloud.

Learn More:

Last Updated:  October 30, 2020