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Figuring out AMS Document Types and Document Number Ranges

Have you ever wondered why AMS assigns a particular number to the document you may have just posted or parked? Why do some documents start with ‘19’ and others with ‘45’?

There is a system in place for assigning document numbers for the various document types. Those that know this system will have a distinct advantage when filing, locating and reporting on previously posted or parked documents.

Would you like to learn this system? Here it is. AMS assigns document numbers based on the document type. Each document type will fall within a certain range, and are assigned sequentially for that same document type.

Commonly Used Document Types: Complete List

So if you post a “KF” document (Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit) in AMS, you know the document number will start with ‘235’. Similarly, if you are looking for an A/P vendor invoice payment posted in AMS, you know the document number will start with ‘19’ and have document type ‘KN’ (which will help you narrow your search).

This is also why it is important to use the correct document type when posting your documents in AMS. Using the wrong document type may cause difficulties when reporting and searching for documents.

Note: Once a document is posted, you cannot change the document type.

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Last Updated:  February 8, 2023