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Do you have Funds that are ending before the new Fiscal Year with Outstanding Purchase Orders?

With many Funds having end dates prior to the April 30th fiscal year closing (i.e., end of March), any Purchase Orders that reference these grants and are outstanding in the new fiscal year will prompt error messages when users process against them after May 1st.

Take the proactive steps below to prevent the following hard error messages ().

Automatic carryforward is only allowed for amount 0” and/or “Document… has not yet been carried forward to the current year”?


  1. Review All Postings Report PRIOR to Grant Year End

The “All Postings Report” is a useful tool to enable departments to identify any Purchase Orders utilizing Funds. Use the unique report variant in the “All Postings Report” to facilitate this review.

When executing the “All Postings Report”, use the selection criteria indicated below:

2.Process or Finalize/Cancel Purchase Order (PO)

The report layout will isolate Purchase Orders with Fund end dates prior to April 30th. Perform the following steps to ensure that the error messages do not appear in the new fiscal year.

  1. Resolution #1: If items have been received in the expected condition, and an invoice has been sent by the vendor, process any outstanding goods receipts and invoice receipts prior to the grant end date.
  2. Resolution #2: If the items indicated in the PO are not expected to be delivered/received or if they are no longer needed, proceed to Finalize and Cancel the PO line items to release the commitment prior to grant year end. Use the reference guide in “Learn More” section to assist in performing this resolution.


What if I receive the error message after May 1st?

If users have not received invoices related to a PO prior to the Fund end date, are processing in the new fiscal year and

  1. have not performed the steps indicated above to process against the PO or
  2. receive invoice AFTER the Fund end date in new fiscal year,

they will see the hard error message “Automatic carryforward is only allowed for amount 0” and/or “Document… has not yet been carried forward to the current year”?.

To manually carry forward the relevant Purchase Order document into the current fiscal year, departments should coordinate with their Research Accountant and Research Funding Officer based on the sponsor’s agreement.

To identify your Research Accountant and Research Funding Officer, refer to your Funded Research Digest (FReD).

The following steps are required:

  1. The end date of the Fund account is extended by Research Services and,
  2. The relevant Purchase Order is carried forward into the current fiscal year.

Once these steps are completed, processing against the PO will be available.

Note: If the error is related to a non-research Fund, contact your FAST team representative.

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