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Has the ZFTR106 – Month-end Statement of Accounts been taking too long to run and resulting in 100’s of pages when printed? There’s a fix for that!

For units who deal with student fees, the ZFTR106 – Month-End Statement of Accounts report may have been taking longer than normal to run and resulting in a large number of pages when printed/displayed.

This was because line item student fee details were appearing in the Revenue and Expense Details section of the report.

As of August month-end, the report by default will now show the summary totals for each document number and hide student fees details.

However, if you would like to view student fees details, check the new box on the selection screen highlighted below:

New Default view (no details):

Include ROSI/SLCM details view (Student details):

Learn More:

Last Updated:  September 8, 2021