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Help US Help YOU! What does the FAST team need to serve you better and ‘FASTer’?

Below is a guideline highlighting some information that would help the FAST team help you FASTer whenever you contact your Faculty FAST Team Representative or the general mailbox;

General info:

  • Name, Department, Phone Number
  • Detailed description of the situation/problem
  • Screen name or transaction code
  • Document number(s), if applicable
  • Detailed Error message, if applicable (detailed information can be obtained by double-clicking the error message)
  • FIS account number information (i.e., GL, FC, Fund, CC, IO)
  • Attach scanned copies of supporting documents (i.e., PO set up, Tax code application questions)

Additional info for reporting errors/issues:

  • Screenshot of parameters entered to run the report.
  • Name and screenshot of the layout and variant (if any) applied.
  • Expected results vs. actual results identifying the issue

Last Updated:  August 5, 2021