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How can I be confident that an electronic approval is acceptable?

When you receive a payment authorization via E-Signature/e-mail, you will need to consider the presence of the following components before taking next steps with respect to payment authorizations:

  • A statement indicating the intent of the signatory, such as “Approved for payment” or “Approved for posting”
  • The name, current title, and department of the signatory, and date of signature
  • Any other information required to process the transaction (e.g. general ledger accounts, funding source, cost allocation, and tax code) that is not already provided on the document

If using e-mail approvals:

  • The e-mail must be sent from a University of Toronto e-mail address.
  • The documents being approved must be attached to the e-mail.
  • The e-mail thread should contain sufficient information to identify the document/transaction that is being approved.
  • The signature block of the approver must include their title and department.

If these components exist, you can be assured that the E-Signature / e-mail authorization is valid. 

Last Updated:  September 26, 2023