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How can I print a report in PDF format within the FIORI Launchpad Reporting Application?

The FIORI Launchpad (FLP) Reporting application provides users with 24/7 access to certain AMS reports with live data, even during system downtimes.

As an alternative to printing reports to a local printer, users can print AMS reports to a PDF format using the process outlined below:

STEP 1: Select report tile from the homepage

STEP 2: Execute the report using the desired selection criteria

STEP 3: Click the Print icon

Click the Print () icon.

STEP 4: Change the default Output Device to ZPDF

Note: The Output Device code is case-sensitive, and must be entered in all-CAPS.

Step 5: Click the Continue icon

Click the Continue () icon.

Report Output will display in default web browser in PDF format.

Last Updated:  September 13, 2022