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How to Edit or Delete a Saved Claim on the New ERDD – Web Application

With the new interface, once users log in, a dashboard displaying a list of claims they are permitted to view based on their org. unit and authorization will appear.

If the desired claim does not appear on the list, enter information into one of the available search fields and click Go to filter and locate the claim.


  • The search is case and space sensitive (i.e. user must enter exact text for the filter to work).
  • Click the matchcode search () to get a more refined search (e.g., equal to, greater than, starts with). Here is an example of the defined search pop-up that appears. Once the refined search is entered, click OK.

Once the desired claim is located, click the Edit button located at the right side of the claim.

Note: If the claim has already been submitted to AMS, it can only be viewed and not edited.

Once you enter the claim, with the exception of the Claim Name, all other fields can be edited.

Deleting a Claim

In addition, you can also click if it is no longer required or you would like to submit a new claim.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact your FAST Team Representative or email .

Last Updated:  March 18, 2021