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I’m trying to “Zero Out” my Earmarked Fund and I keep getting the error “Enter an Amount”! What do I do?

As a result of a prior upgrade of SAP, Earmarked Funds (i.e. Manual Reserves) can no longer be saved with amounts of $0.00. In order to release the commitment, the Earmarked Funds must be marked “complete”.

To close a Earmarked Funds and release the funds being held you will need to do one of the following procedures.

  1. To close the entire reserve with single or multiple items; open the Earmarked Fund document, use the Header () selection >> check the “Completed” box in the Document Status >> Save. Note, there cannot be any line items at $0.00 in the Earmarked Fund.

2. To close an individual line item; open the Earmarked Fund, select (highlight) the line you wish to close >> Check  “Set Completion indicator”, Save. Note, there cannot be any line items at $0.00 in the reserve.

3. To close a line item on a Multiple Line Reserve with an existing item at $0.00 (pre SAP upgrade) you must open the individual line you wish to close.

4. Check “Completion Indicator

5. Save. This line has now been marked complete and the funds released.

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Last Updated:  December 12, 2017