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List of Known Issues in FIORI Launchpad

This article highlights a are number of known issues in the FIORI Launchpad (FLP) Reporting application that currently unresolved, but do not impact the end user’s ability to use the FLP application.

Known Issues

1) Report: various

Issue: Many of the fields in the selection criteria field are “centre-aligned” instead of“left-aligned”.

This has no impact on report functionality.


2) Report: ZFTR008 – Total Funding Activity report

Issue:   If Fund Data View is clicked in the selection criteria screen, the pop-up window allows users to select multiple options.

The second option selected is the one that works.

For example (see images below), if the pop-up initially had Total Fund selected, then the user selects Annual, the report will generate in the Annual view of the funds.



Last Updated:  March 15, 2021