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Monthly Payroll Reconciliation: NSF warning with Funds Availability at zero! What does this mean?

When reconciling the monthly Statement of Accounts report, the message “WARNING – NSF FUNDS – Partial Payroll reserve only” will appear in the line item details if there were insufficient funds available at the time the required payroll reservation was calculated in HRIS.

As a result, Payroll will reserve what it can until Funds Availability reaches zero. In the example below, only $34,221.51 was reserved in G/L 801910.

As per the G/L Account Overall Total in the Payroll Distribution report, the required reserve in G/L 801910 was $37,379.50.

Actions to be taken include processing a Budget Transfer into the Funds Center with insufficient funds or changing the HRIS
records so that the cost distribution is allocated to an account with sufficient funds. If no action is taken, when payroll actuals
are posted, the FC will eventually be put into deficit.

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Last Updated:  March 7, 2018