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Things to consider when reorganizing your hierarchy in FIS

The FAST Team receives many master record requests each week, including changing Funds Center hierarchies. There are many reasons for changing your Funds Center hierarchy including:

  • Reorganization of departments/divisions
  • Merging of two units
  • Improving reporting capabilities
  • Preparing for the next fiscal year budget

The following should be considered when deciding to change your hierarchy:

  • When changing the Funds Center hierarchy do I also need to change my Cost Center/Internal Order Group hierarchy on the controlling side? Changes to the Funds Center hierarchy are independent of the controlling component of FIS. Separate forms need to be submitted when making changes in controlling.
  • Second approval is required if the FC will automatically move FUNDS (e.g. RIS has to approve it) when requesting a Funds Center hierarchy change. Funds are attached to Funds Centers by transaction only. To associate a Fund with a new Funds Center you will need to contact the appropriate department (i.e. Research Services, Trust Accounting).

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Last Updated:  August 21, 2020