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Reporting on Air Travel Emissions Mitigation Initiative (ATEMI) Charges in FIS

As a result of the Air Travel Emissions Mitigation initiative (ATEMI), for all airfare expenses charged to operating and principal investigator (PI) funds center (i.e. non-research), departments will be required to enter the number of kilometres flown and flight class of service (i.e. ECONOMY or ABOVE-ECONOMY) when posting expense reimbursements or invoices for airfare.

Using this data, every month operating and PI funds Centers that have had airfare charges will be debited the following ATEMI fee:

ECONOMY class airfare $0.0055/km flown
ABOVE-ECONOMY class airfare $0.011/km flown


Departments can locate ATEMI related data, such as the Flight Class and number of kilometres flown through the FIS line items reports, including the ZFIR079 – FI Postings Line Items report and ZFIR079A – All Postings Line Items report.

Use the “/ATEMI” layout to bring in the following data:

  • Reference Key 3 = Flight Class
  • Quantity = Number of KM flown


If you have any questions, please contact your FAST Team representative.

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Last Updated:  February 21, 2023