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SAP Shortcuts to Save Time Navigating

Using the Command field, users can speed up navigating within SAP by using the shortcuts below:



(xxxxx = transaction code)

Quickly navigate between AMS transaction screens in the same window/session (e.g., /nFB60).
/oxxxx Navigate between AMS transaction in a new window/session.
/i End current session
/o View a list of open session, which can be toggled or closed.
/nex Closes all windows for the current session AND logs off of SAP.
CTRL / Move cursor to the Command field.
CTRL Y Use cursor to select/mark a section that is displayed
CTRL C Copies selected text/fields (i.e., CTRL Y) to the clipboard
CTRL F In SAP menu, can be used to find specific text in the menu.
CTRL G After using CTRL F, use this is find next.
F8 Execute a report from the Selection Criteria screen.
CTRL + Open new session/window.

Last Updated:  August 31, 2023