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Why does the vendor I am ordering from have a PO only and an A/P only vendor account number? How do I set up a purchase order and pay it?

The most common reason for a company having two vendor numbers is that the address where the purchase order will be sent is different than the Accounts Receivable Department where payment is sent. There are two options depending on whether or not you are aware of the different payment address at the time the PO is being created.

Example:  Dell Corporation

PO Vendor # – 106083

AP Vendor # – 100333


OPTION 1:  If you know the Payment will be sent to a different address when entering the Purchase Order

Create Purchase Order Screen:  Go to the Partners tab in the Header section.  Enter PI in the Funct field and the A/P Only vendor # in the Number field.

NOTE: It is not too late to add the A/P Only vendor # in the Partners tab after the P.O. has been created using the Change P.O. transaction (ME22N), as long as you have not processed the invoice receipt yet.

OPTION 2:  If you did not know the payment needed to be sent to a different address when entering the Purchase Order.  You can re-direct to the A/P Only vendor when processing Invoice Receipt

Enter Incoming Invoice Screen:  Go to the Details tab of the Header in Enter Incoming Invoice screen and enter the A/P Only Vendor # in the Inv. Party field.

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Last Updated:  March 9, 2022