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What G/Ls do I use when I determine that I need to move or reallocate actual HRIS payroll postings?

All the Payroll G/L Accounts beginning with 801* are set up for automated HRIS postings only, hence when you try to make a correction entry using the 801* G/L Account, the system will stop you. The below table provides a list of non-HRIS payroll G/L Accounts that can be used for moving/re-allocating actual payroll postings.

You may also choose to use the generic reallocation accounts – 800990: Payroll Reallocation and 800999: HRIS-Ben Reallocate, in scenarios where:

  1. there is no one to one match between an 801* payroll account and 800* Non-HRIS payroll reallocation account. OR
  2. a detail breakdown of payroll or benefit re-allocations is not required.

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Last Updated:  September 27, 2023