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What is a NOPO?

NOPO refers to a “no post” status placed on a funds center that has a zero balance and is no longer being used by a department. A NOPO will prevent any accidental FIS or HRIS postings against the FC, IO or Commitment Item. The risk of not renewing the NOPO status is limited to the possibility of payroll and credit memo transactions being posted to the account. For this reason, all funds center accounts still require monitoring throughout the fiscal year.

There is no form to be filled out when requesting a NOPO on a funds center. Departments simply need to send an email to their FAST Team representative with the account number and the reason for the request. At the time of requesting a NOPO on a funds center, you should also consider whether any corresponding IO’s also need to be blocked.

The NOPO is only valid for the current fiscal year. Another email request will need to be sent to the FAST Team if the NOPO needs to be reinstated for the next fiscal year.

Last Updated:  May 31, 2022