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What is the 48-series document number I see in my Purchase Order history and on my reports?

This document is created as part of the GR/IR Clearing process, which is used to clear Goods Receipt and Invoice Receipt variances.  The transaction makes an accounting correction based on a difference between a GR and an IR.  The entry will adjust any accounts impacted by the imbalance.  Below are examples of some scenarios showing PO’s with GR/IR variances that will result in a 48-series document being posted:

Example 1: GR documents posted with no corresponding IR’s (GR Surplus)

Example 2:  IR document reversed with no corresponding GR reversal (GR Surplus)

Example 3: IR quantity is less that GR quantity (GR Surplus)

Example 4: IR processed after GR reversed (IR Surplus)

Last Updated:  June 18, 2021