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Why did my Purchase Order (PO) Reserve (Commitment) get reinstated after the GR/IR clearing program was run?

You may be looking at your reserves/commitments in your Funds Management (FM) reports and notice that they are higher than they were prior to the running of the GR/IR clearing program.

If a Purchase Order had an Invoice Receipt quantity surplus over the Goods Receipt quantity, the GR/IR clearing program will nullify the existing Invoice Receipt financial entry by posting a 48-series document.  In some instances it will also reinstate the PO reserve.

To help you identify PO Reserve changes related to the August 30th, 2019 GRIR clearing, the FAST Team has created an All Postings Line Item Report (ZFIR079A) layout variant (/GRIR Clear).  To run the report, complete the fields as illustrated below, including the specified Layout:

If there is no further delivery of goods/services or invoices to be paid for the PO’s with reserves, you will need to finalize and cancel the purchase order (see link below for QRG).

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Last Updated:  June 18, 2021