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Why don’t I see my 51xxx… Invoice Receipt document in the Month-End Statement of Accounts?

A reminder that effective September 1st, 2019, the processing of a Goods Receipt will post the 50xxx… document to the Financial (FI), Funds Management (FM) and Controlling (CO) accounts simultaneously.

The 51xxx… Invoice Receipt will pay the vendor and clear the accrued liability entry created when the Goods Receipt was posted:

  • Credit the vendor account
  • Debit  the 537000 – Automatic Accruals (liability) G/L account

Since the Goods Receipt has already posted to the Fund Center, the 51xxx… Invoice Receipt document will only appear in the Month-End Statement of Accounts when:

  1. The invoice amount varies from the Purchase Order amount
  2. The tax amount varies
  3. The G/L Account Tab or Unplanned Delivery Cost field was used when processing the Invoice Receipt

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Last Updated:  June 18, 2021