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What are “Year-End Operating Reserves”? How is it calculated?

The “Year-end Operating Reserves” are what was formerly known as the “Year-end Carry forward”. This is when the financial end result of the prior fiscal year is brought forward into the current fiscal year. Any net under spending (positive) or net over spending (negative) will be carried forward.

  1. The Operating Reserves are calculated by reporting the Year-end Net result of the Funds Center and adding any Outstanding Funds Reserves (commitments) purchase order and manual reserve.
  2. Amounts from outstanding reserves at year-end are transferred into the “revised budget” at the same commitment item where they were reserved in the prior year, the net operating under/over spending results are transferred to the “Carryforward” (CARRYFWD) commitment item.

Figure 1, “April 30, 2019 net result prior to year-end processing”

Figure 2, “May 1, 2019 prior to any document entry”

The difference between the Original Budget and the Revised Budget is the $4,580.95 2019 year end operating reserves.

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Last Updated:  April 26, 2019