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Imprest Expenditure Bank Account

…operate under reasonably exacting financial controls: restricted access to unused cheques, two signatures on all cheques, maintenance of imprest expenditure bank account records, monthly reconciliation of the bank statement to…

Deposits with the Cashier

cheques and bank drafts. The procedure for preparing a deposit further breaks down Cash into “Currency” and “Cheques”. To clarify: Currency – Currency includes coin and bills. ChequesCheques

The Cashier Function

…currency, personal cheques, certified cheques, money orders, traveler’s cheques, and bank drafts. Cashier Function The University cashier function incorporates two key responsibilities: depositing cash recording cash received in the University’s…

Direct Deposits

…identification should be noted on the reverse side of all cheques. Ensure cheques are made payable to the University of Toronto. Endorse Cheques Endorse all cheques with a coded endorsement…

Objective and Responsibilities

…irregularities. Ensures that the correct tax treatment of payments in accordance with University policies and procedures. Exercises control over cheques: distributes promptly; has employees sign for cheques; keeps unclaimed cheques


…copies of the deposit form do I need to submit? Cheque Production When are CAD and USD cheques produced for employees (expense reimbursements)? ~ When are CAD and USD cheques

FAST Tips Newsletter

…– 10K & 5K automatically parked by FIS How to resolve blocked vendors when processing ERDD. June 2014 Preventing errors when addressing cheques Posting Date on reversal of a document…

Payment Terms

…requested for small transactions, i.e. $100 or less, because of the disproportionate administrative cost of processing customer invoices.   Personal cheques Acceptance of personal cheques carries a risk of NSF…

Monetary Donations

…important to determine this information as soon as possible. Cheques Cheques will be restrictively endorsed, for deposit only to the Governing Council University of Toronto prior to sending to DUA….

Accountable Advances

…advance cheques be converted to traveller’s cheques. This recommendation, and the security concerns with respect to traveller’s cheques, generally makes this option less convenient than using a credit card. Credit…