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Petty Cash

Cash Fund Replenish a Petty Cash Fund Change the Custodian of a Petty Cash Fund Close a Petty Cash Fund   Key Requirements Departmental Responsibilities Determine the required amount of…

Direct Deposits

…received and deposited preparation of the bank deposit slips Standard Cash Handling Responsibilities preparation of the cash for deposit preparation of the Direct Bank Deposit form to record the deposit

Deposits with the Cashier

…Prepare journal entry to record the transaction in FIS Deliver the cash and deposit report to the Cashier Verify deposit and accounting entries Cashier’s Responsibilities: Verify and confirm deposit Deposit

The Cashier Function

cash-handling functions (ownership of cash float, deposit preparation, etc) should be segregated from the reconciliation/review functions (reconciling cash deposits to logs/register tapes, deposit forms and FIS). For more detailed information…

Cash Float Accounts

…Department. Deposit cash float funds promptly with the Cashier, Financial Services Department, when no longer required. Action to avoid Accounting records will not properly reflect departmental operations if the cash

Objective and Responsibilities

…recorded. Petty Cash/Cash Float Maintains petty cash fund at minimum required level; Locks petty cash box and restricts access to the custodian. Outside of business hours keeps petty cash box…

Cash, Other Receipts and Banking

…requirement of daily deposits; summary of departmental and Cashier’s Office responsibilities; requirements for preparing cash for deposit; preparing the deposit form; delivering cash to the Cashier’s Office; and verifying the…

Accounts to Record Deposits Received

…The method used is up to the department and will depend on volumes and dollar amounts. Refunding Deposits The department refunds the deposit by: issuing cash from petty cash, issuing…

Cash Deposit

…Internal Cash Receipt Deposit form and a self-addressed return envelope for all deposits that are delivered to the cashier’s office. Send one copy of the Direct Bank Deposit form for…


Expand All | Collapse All How do I cancel payment for an Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit (ERDD)? To cancel the AP document, please follow the procedures for document reversal: https://finance.utoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Expense-Reimbursement-Direct-Deposit-Reverse-Converted.pdf….