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Create Master Record Forms

While completing FIS Master Record forms, reference he guide below to understand the required information to be entered in each field.

Click here for Guide to Completing FIS Master Record forms.

Cost Center (CC) or CC Node / Group (updated June 2010) PDF *
Internal Order (updated June 2010) PDF *
Funds Center (updated June 2010) PDF *
Principal Investigator Funds Center & Cost Center(updated May 2015) PDF *
Conference Account (updated March 2022) PDF *
Customer Account (Accounts Receivable) PDF *

Since the forms marked * have been developed using Adobe Professional and are Adobe-based, the completed forms can be saved with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional (versions 7 or greater). Adobe Reader can be downloaded (free) at the following URL: http://get.adobe.com/reader .

Please note that some of the features in these forms require JavaScript in order to function and therefore you may encounter the following message upon initial use of the Adobe forms:

“X – JavaScript is currently disabled and this document uses it for some features.  Enabling JavaScript can lead to potential security issues”

To enable JavaScript in either Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader, on the Menu Bar, click “Edit” then select “Preferences”. In the list of options on the left, find “JavaScript” and select it. Enable JavaScript by selecting the checkbox to “Enable Acrobat JavaScript”. For further assistance with Adobe Acrobat installation, please contact your divisional technical support team.