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Premium Economy Air Travel and the GTFM

For domestic and international flights, the eligible standard class of service is the least expensive Economy Class fare, also referred to as Coach or Standard Class.

Premium Economy is a travel class offered on some airlines. This travel class includes any class which falls between Economy Class and Business Class. Premium Economy Class may include additional features such as prioritized check-in, extra leg room, extra seat width, or premium meals.

Business Class or Premium Economy Class air travel is not encouraged, but in circumstances where it is deemed appropriate, approval must be obtained in advance of booking the flight. Circumstances that may justify travelling in Premium Economy or Business Class could include:

  • Physical constraints on a long flight segment (in excess of 6 hours), or
  • Medical reasons

Lack of availability of economy seats due to late travel arrangements is not viewed as adequate justification. Furthermore, where funding is from a research grant, the sponsor’s appropriate travel expense policy must be followed.

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Last Updated:  October 18, 2021