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Are research grants or other Funds charged the carbon offset fee?

The carbon offset fee charged by the Sustainability Office on a monthly basis for airfare expenses only applies to operating and principal investigator Funds Centers.

Despite the fact that all transactions that post an airfare expense (e.g. expense reimbursements, or invoices) require the # of KM and flight class to be entered regardless of funding source, if the airfare line includes a Fund (e.g., research grant, endowment fund, conference fund) it will not be charged the carbon offset fee.

In some circumstances, an airfare charge may be charged an operating or PI Funds Center (resulting in the carbon offset fee), then reallocated to a Fund at a later date. In these circumstances, please contact your FAST Team representative to discuss how to ensure that the carbon offset fee is credited back to the Funds Center originally used, and subsequently not charged to the Fund.

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Last Updated:  March 21, 2023