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ERDD deposits for multiple claims: How can I determine what claims are included in my expense reimbursement deposit?

For multiple ERDD claims that are processed during the same payment run, only one email notification is sent to the claimant. The notification will show the total reimbursement amount for all claims, but will only list the details (i.e. Document Number, Reason for Reimbursement) for the earliest claim. It may be difficult to remember and confirm which claims were included in the single payment.

To determine all the claims included in the deposit:

  1. Log in to SAP and Display the 78XXXXXXXX Payment Document Number using the FB03 – Document Display.
  2. Click “Payment usage” from the Environment dropdown.

3. Along with the 78XXXXXXXX Payment Document Number a list of all 235XXXXXX Expense Reimbursement documents will be displayed with the necessary details.

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Last Updated:  June 18, 2020