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Expense Reimbursement Alternate Approval and “Acting” Roles

Have you ever wondered who would approve an expense reimbursement claim if the person who authorized is not available?

In cases where the approver is away (e.g. attending a conference/vacation), the authority to approve expense reimbursements cannot be delegated, there, the alternate approver would be the “two-up” (e.g. the provost, in the case where the normal one-up is the dean).

However, when there is an individual who is placed in an “acting” role, and therefore taking over ALL of the responsibilities of the approver, the acting individual would be authorized to approve the claim (e.g., a professor becomes “acting chair” of a department). In addition, the acting role is usually confirmed in writing by the Faculty/Division and the individual should be expected to complete an annual accountability form for applicable acting duties.

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Last Updated:  September 10, 2020