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How do I enter the flight class and number of km flown when a claimant has multiple connecting flights/stop-overs?

There may be circumstance where university travelers may have multiple stop-overs/connecting flights. In these situations, users should consider the following when entering the expense reimbursement/invoice in FIS or the ERDD – Web application.

Flight Class and # of KM Flown Round Trip

The carbon offset fee rate for Economy class is $0.0055/km, whereas any flights above Economy are charged $0.011/km.

If each leg is the same flight class, then claimants can use the airmilescalculator.com site, calculate the total distance flown for each portion of the trip.

For example: A researcher flew from Toronto to Montreal and Montreal to Vancouver then return flight, Vancouver to Toronto.

1. If each leg is the same Flight Class the carbon offset fee would be calculated as follows:

Toronto >> Montreal 534km
Montreal >> Vancouver 3714km
Vancouver >> Toronto 3355km
Total KM flown: 7603km
Carbon offset fee: 7603 X $0.0055 = $41.82


Though uncommon, if the connecting flights are different classes of service, the entry should split the airfare expense into separate lines so that the appropriate carbon offset fee rate can be applied.

2. If return flight from Vancouver to Toronto was business class (with prior written approval) the carbon offset fee would be calculated as follows:.

Toronto >> Montreal >> Vancouver (Economy class): 4248km X $0.0055 = $23.36
Vancouver >> Toronto (Above-Economy): 3355km X $0.011 = $36.91
Total carbon offset fee: $60.27



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Last Updated:  January 23, 2024