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How do I locate the vendor # when processing an ERDD on the Web transaction and get the error message “Vendor blocked and marked for deletion”?

When processing an expense reimbursement using the web application (ERDD) only the personnel # is required.  However, you may receive the “Vendor blocked and marked for deletion” error message when trying to post the transaction.  Usually when there has been a break/gap in the employee’s HRIS service.

To correct you must first confirm the employee’s status is ‘Active’ and then send an email to requesting that the employee’s ERDD vendor account be manually unblocked.
The issue when processing a reimbursement using ERDD on the web is that the vendor # does not appear on the screen.

Follow the steps below to locate the vendor # for the employee:

STEP 1:  Confirm that the employee is active in HRIS.

If yes, then proceed to the next step.  If the person is no longer active in HRIS, confirm they should be receiving the reimbursement and then process in FIS as a standard cheque expense reimbursement.

STEP 2:   Locate ERDD Vendor #

Use the following menu path(s) to go to the ERDD transaction in FIS:

  • Accounting >> Financial Accounting  >> Accounts Payable >> Document Entry >> Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit
  • Enter the Personnel # of the employee in the Personnel no. field and hit enter
  • The Vendor field will be populated with the vendor account #

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