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How do I request a stop payment on a cheque?

To request a stop payment on a cheque or draft, please complete the Cheque/Draft Re-issue or Cancel Request Form.  Follow the instructions on the form.

Where the cheque is in possession by the University, complete and scan the form including the cheque and email Accounts Payable to action immediately.  There will be no change in our current timelines for cheques in University possession.  Once scanned and for control purposes, forward the original form and original cheque by campus mail to:

Accounts Payable, Financial Services Department, 215 Huron Street, 2nd Floor

Where the University is not in possession of the cheque, please complete the form, scan and email the request to Accounts Payable to be processed.  Please anticipate up to a 3 day delay in cancelling these cheques that are not in University possession.

If there are ‘NO CHANGES – Re-issued’ to the Cheque/Draft it will be reissued on the next payment run.

If the payment is ‘NOT Re-issued’ or ‘CHANGES REQUIRED – Re-issued’, cheque documents will be blocked by Accounts Payable and departments notified they can action their original document.  Drafts will be refunded to the department when funds are returned to the University.

The Department then has to:

  1. For ‘NOT Re-issued’ Cheques:
    1. A/P Invoices: Reverse the document
    2. Logistics Invoice: Cancel Invoice Receipt
  2. For ‘CHANGES REQUIRED – Re-issued’: Document Change (QRG | Simulation) and populate Address and Pmt Method fields then Remove Payment Block.

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Last Updated:  June 19, 2020