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How do I process an FIS payment for a Scotiabank Visa Travel & Hospitality Card?

In some circumstances, a University department can make payments directly to Scotiabank on behalf of the cardholder through FIS.

Standard reimbursement rules apply with respect to approvals (i.e. employee certification and one-up approval). Only items covered in the GTFM can be approved and charged to U of T accounts.

  • Vendor number 131703 should be used to process the Scotiabank VISA payment through FIS.
  • The payment terms for Scotiabank are YT00 (due immediately); payment will be processed on the next available cheque run.
  • Ensure the entire 16-digit Visa account number is entered in the “reference” field (i.e. not just the last 5 digits).
NOTE: Incomplete or incorrect information may delay payment and result in delinquency charges.