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How to Address Cheques sent through Campus Mail

In circumstances where departments need to redirect cheques internally back to their department, such as invoice payments or expense reimbursements, the address information must be input into FIS a particular way.

These situations may include if an individual is picking up the cheque in person or if departments want to attach additional documentation to the cheque for the recipient.

When entering the address information, ensure you:

  1. indicate “Care of” (c/o) with the department name
  2. use the department’s address, including room or floor number
  3. use the code/acronym associated with the campus (i.e. UTM or UOFT for St. George).

IMPORTANT! For internal mail sent to UTSC, please enter the exact address and City (i.e. Toronto or Scarborough). UTSC does not use Campus Mail.


  • The Title field is only used if the recipient would like to be known by a formal title (e.g., Dr.)
  • The Postal Code (or PO Box + PO Box PCode) and Region (i.e., province) are not required for Campus Mail.
  • The Street field is mandatory. If left blank, cheque will not be produced.


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Last Updated:  March 6, 2024