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I created a Purchase Order in this Fiscal Year, but I am getting an error that it needs to be carried forward? What is causing this error?

When creating a Purchase Order (PO), ensure that the PO Document Date is in the current fiscal year. This applies even if the quotation date is in a prior fiscal year.

If you use a date in a prior fiscal year (e.g., April 1st, 2024) when creating the PO in the current fiscal year, (e.g., May 2024), then the Purchase Order will be stuck (i.e. reserved) in the prior fiscal year. As a result, you will not be able to post any corresponding Goods Receipts and Invoice Receipts against the Purchase Order, or make any changes to PO (e.g., release reserves).

Example Error Message:

How can you fix this?

To correct this issue, please submit a ticket to the IT Service Centre, so that EASI can manually carry forward the PO into the current fiscal year, and contact your FAST Team representative for additional support.

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Last Updated:  May 31, 2024