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Invoices for Group Travel – How to enter the information required for the carbon offset fee

Departments often book airfare for groups using the services of a travel agency. In these circumstances, an invoice payment to the travel agency would be processed in FIS.

Since the carbon offset fee related fields (i.e., flight class, # of km flown round trip) are triggered by G/L account (i.e., 840010, 841010, 842010, 843010, 844010), when departments process invoices to travel agencies for airfare, they will be prompted to enter the flight class and # of km flown roundtrip.

IMPORTANT: The carbon offset fee is intended to be calculated on a per traveller basis. As a result, departments would multiply the # of km flown roundtrip by the number of tickets/travellers.

For example: A group of 4 travelers fly return from Toronto to Thunder Bay economy class for a tournament.

NOTE: The carbon offset fee for economy class fares is $0.0055/km and $0.011/km for any flight above-economy.

# of km flown per traveler round trip based on airmilescalculator.com: 913 km X 2 = 1826 km
Total # of km flown entered into FIS 1826 km X 4 = 7304 km
Total carbon offset fee  7304 km X $0.0055= $40.17

(or $10.04/traveller)

NOTE: If there are multiple legs to the flight with different classes then the total km flown should be separated and totaled for each flight class.


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Last Updated:  January 23, 2024